Baby love…

Spending my Sunday catching up. And I know one new momma that will be so excited to get an email from me today!

Columbus newborn photographer

Back from vacation!

It’s been a whirlwind trip once again through North Carolina. Glad to say we are home and sessions are starting up once again. As a matter of fact, tonight with a senior I can’t wait to meet.

Bookings- Senior sessions are booking fast as well as inquiries for family Fall sessions. Please contact me asap to get on the schedule.

And… bear with me as I will most likely be sharing some vacation photos of my boys off and on as I find time to sort through them.

SummerSplash, Studio Williams Photography

Camryn | 4 days

Oh Miss Camryn, you treated me so well today. Hope your mommy writes about this morning in your baby book. You are such a sweet lil’ one. I tried to send your parents away so I could get some more baby snuggles but well, they couldn’t wait to get you back in their arms.  🙂

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Ben | BMOC

Geesh, I am really slacking on staying up-to-date over here.

Ben really wanted a Monsters U theme session so we headed down to OSU for a campus setting. You probably can’t see what he is wearing in this pic, but it’s a Monsters U Letterman Jacket. He even had a matching backpack. Too cool.

Proof 5238 2


Sometimes you got to break out the peanut butter to get the shots you need. Look closely…

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